My 1963 Porsche 356 T6 Super 90


My car is a '63 T6 model, Ch Nr 122395, sold new in New Zealand in January 1963 (and still there). It was the 13th of 20 356s sold new in NZ. It was originally fitted with a 90hp engine Nr 806403, but now has a later SC (95hp) engine Nr 810290 fitted with a big-bore kit.

It is factory right-hand-drive, so does not have the external fuel filler of LHD T6s and retains the T5 style fuel tank.

The panel work and painting (2001-2003) were performed by Gary Rhind-Eglese of Hammer Action in Penrose, Auckland. Most of the photos were taken by Gary.

I have made up a list of parts which are different on RHD 356 T5/T6/C models.

Second time around (2008-2017), the rebuild was done by Revive'm Auto Restorations in Inglewood.


The biggest help of all was the 356 Registry.

I have dealt with the following companies and people and can thoroughly recommend all of them:


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